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Poway Senior Volunteer Patrol

You Are Not Alone (YANA)

Senior Volunteer Patrol
Poway SVP members deliver YANA holiday baskets

The San Diego County Sheriff's You Are Not Alone (YANA) program is intended for citizens living alone who, for whatever reason, are homebound. Poway Senior Volunteers check on the welfare of YANA participants in Poway with personal calls and/or visits to their homes on a regular basis. SVP members check to make sure that YANA clients are eating, not injured, or have medical needs and that there is no any abuse of any kind, financial, physical, emotional and verbal. If anything out of the ordinary is discovered, the appropriate authorities are promptly notified.

There have been times when lives were saved because SVP members called for medical attention. More often, however, the calls or visits may be the only contact the YANA client has with other people.

To enroll or recommend someone for this free program, please call 858-232-8000 or send e-mail to: Then you or your loved one can be secure knowing that trained volunteers will be performing periodic welfare checks.